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Protecting You with Force and Peace 

24/7 Security from Well-Trained Personnel 

Combative Force and Protective Services LLC offers professional security guard and patrol services in New York, NY. We protect your property from a range of threats including:

  • Damage
  • Fire

  • Theft
  • Unlawful Activity

  • Vandalism

As former fire safety directors, we are well-versed on how to:

  • Conduct Fire Drills
  • Respond to Alarms

  • Supervise Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans

  • Train Fire Brigades
  • And More

Our Services Are Ideal For 

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Construction Sites
  • Hotels

Areas Served 

  • Bronx 
  • Brooklyn
  • Nassau County

  • New York City
  • Queens
  • State Island

  • Suffolk
  • Westchester
  • Yonkers

Expect Affordability 

Now you can get quality security and peace of mind when you hire us for all your security needs. We offer customized pricing, based on your budget.